Software Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Detailed Description

The GridBox software platform is designed in order to answers all metering requirements for Electrical, Gas and Water networks. Grid Box Smart metering Software Platform consist of  Meter Data Management Systems MDMS and Head End Software. The platform includes Billing and Prepayment modules. GridBox also provide different type of bussiness models for Utilities, Industries and single users. We aimed to provide a future-proff metering solution joining together with our 20 years of experience.

hanks to 100% web-based, flexible architecture Gridbox is able to be scaled to 10 measuring point to 10 milions.

Multi-utility and multi-consumer ensures flexibility
and cost effective advantages

Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) rules perfectly run
together with Scenerio management functions to ensure maximum flexibility

API and Services for interfacing with 3rd party solutions or applications

  • Meter Data Management Systems MDMS
  • Head End Systems HES
  • Billing Prepayment
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Millıon active measurement point


Catalog : GridBox_Leaflet_eng_r1.1

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